A chef for your company

We are an up-and-coming French-German agency that connects cook-chefs and companies. The aim : offer to your team delicious home-made cooking meals or catering buffet.


Settled down in Berlin, we offer quality service in keeping with a simple concept: a Chef comes to the place of your company et cooks meals or finger food of your own choosing.

After perusing propositions from our menus, you can select it ALL courses you would like served on the D day: our qualified Chefs will cook typical or atypical, “fusion” dishes of all kinds (French, Mediterranean, Australian, American, Indian, Korean, Thai, Japanese and the list goes on...).

The Chef will adapt to any and all dietary needs: veggie/vegan, allergic ingredients or intolerance (nuts, milk, gluten etc.). We customize the presentation of the dishes to the type of event : cold or warm, finger food, varied salads, salty cakes, quiches, cheeses/deli meats plates, or oven courses. 

We also offer sweet assortments: cakes, brownies, cookies, fruits pies, compotes, jams, and of course French pastries.

More than a catering solution, we offer a personal Chef dedicated to the preparation of your favorite courses : home-made, with quality ingredients, to suit your every need and support your health and that of your coworkers. 



We are a french production company, Prod.exe, based in Berlin. Since three years we discovered in our professional spheres that catering was the most complicated service to find. We decided then to develop a new branch in our company: Achef@work ! We've selected talented chefs with differents specialities in order to please you. Need a chef for an event, at work or a dedicated to your team? Contact us !



 Corporate Events


Everyday Catering


Personal chef

We offer tailor-made buffets for your corporate events.

At lunch or dinner, offer to your clients or your team delicious home-made cooking meals.

A chef dedicated to your company for a long or a short-term periods. The best solution for team players or seminars !